Xfinity/Comcast Router Admin Login is private IPv4 address of your router to access administrative panel to configure router or ASDL modem settings. In this article, we will explain how to set up your device after you purchase it and what actions you need to take to make changes to your device settings.

This IP address is one of the most popular default IP address used across world. Default IP address is set by router manufacturers and 10.0 0.0 1 is used as Default Gateway by companies like Xfinity/Comcast and these are world’s largest manufacturer of routers.

What is Default IP address or Default Gateway?

Default IP address or Default gateway acts as gateway to pass traffic from devices connected to router and internet. Complete traffic of your router will pass through Default gateway. In short, devices are connected to router and router is connected to internet. For the Internet to work, some settings must be made on the router. In a network, only one device can have http: // as the IP address. Admin Login Admin Login

How to Login to

To change Router configuration or settings, you need to access its default gateway. Please follow below simple steps to login to router administrative panel.

  1. Connect your router with power and switch on same.
  2. Connect modem to laptop which will be required for configuration. Browser is required to open administrative panel hence laptop or smart phone or tablet is must.
  3. Open any of the web browser preferably Google Chrome.
  4. Copy or type the into web browser the address bar and hit the enter button.
  5. Enter default username and admin password printed on label. In most of the cases, username is “admin” and password you can try is “password”, “1234” or leave it blank in case you don’t have username and password. Username and password might be found in user manual.
  6. Normally, user manual will be found with router but it can be downloaded from respective manufacturer website with model name.
  7. Select mode as “Automatic” if you want to go ahead with default settings. In case of manual settings please refer manual. You will have complete access to home or office router with access. Please be very careful while modifying anything.

We would recommend to take router settings backup before modifying anything so that any router can be reset in case of any unknown issues.

I Can’t Connect to IP Address

This is perhaps the main reason for which people are searching for term This issue is general and there may be several reasons for this. We will list down each one of them and we are sure that issue will be resolved after following below steps.

  • Perhaps IP address you are typing is wrong. is incorrect IP address and correct one is
  • Router is not connected to power. Please make sure router is connected to power source before connecting to this IP address.
  • Connectivity between router and laptop is not proper. Please double check the same and preferably try to connect with LAN cable. Once it is connected, you can see yellow light blinking in laptop. In case of any issues, connect with WiFi Connection.
  • Disable any antivirus running on your computer and check with your network administrator if any firewall is blocking the URL.
  • Clear the cache of browser or try different browser.